Do log homes hold their value?

A wooden deck is a natural addition to a real log house, and also an addition with the highest resale value of any renovation or add-on. In this category, wood decks with pressure-treated wood recovered 87 percent of their cost for sale, while composite decks recovered 74 percent of their cost. A year ago, we covered the pros and cons of various decking materials. While it's cheaper to build with wood, it also requires more maintenance than composites.

If you plan to keep your home for a long time, a lower maintenance composite deck may be a better option despite its lower resale value. Many of our clients tell us: “This will be our last home. In fact, many owners of log houses dream of their log house for many years. However, even the best-laid plans change and, eventually, your log house can be marketed.

Even though it sounds like the prenuptial homebuilding agreement, it's a great idea to balance your current needs with your future requirements and homebuyer trends in your market. Treating Your Katahdin Log House Like The Investment It Is Will Reap Rewards In The Future. Rooms make a difference As a general rule, most family-sized homes have 3-4 rooms. This reflects the typical size of a family of two parents and two to three children.

Modern families are much more diverse in size and needs, but generally speaking, as the number of rooms increases, so does the value and, most importantly, the number of people who are in the market for that size of housing increase. Once again, balance is the key, as keeping the number of rooms in line with the total area of the house will maintain value. A trend to highlight is the expansion of the master bedroom. Many log home owners include a spacious master bedroom on the main floor with an en-suite bathroom, ample closet space, and some spa-like treatments, such as a standalone bathtub.

But there are plenty of ways log cabins do a great job of keeping you warm, even during a very cold winter. The r value of insulation is just one of many factors that determine how well a building can keep it warm. Of course, no matter what real estate experts tell you about what elements will add value to your log home, the true value of a home is that you enjoy it every day. There are also some areas around the outside exits where I can see dry rot on the original bottom trunk.

Bedrooms Nearly half of respondents want three bedrooms, but 40 percent of younger landlords wanted 4 or more bedrooms. With its rustic look and aesthetic beauty, building a log cabin can make you feel closer to nature and give you a great sense of accomplishment. Before designing or buying a manufactured log house, you should consider several factors related to energy efficiency. You can apply some parameters (most wanted for families with school-age children, most wanted for someone who needs wheelchair access, most wanted on the lake, etc.), but when you're ready to sell, that log home will compete with other types of homes for buyers who want the services of the location &.

Whether you are planning to buy a log cabin in Alaska or buy a log cabin for rent, there are many things to consider when buying a used log cabin. The frequent shortage of comparable premises made it difficult, if not impossible, for some buyers of log houses to obtain financing for their purchase. A study conducted by the University of Maine found that logs play a vital role in energy conservation. .

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