Are log homes expensive to maintain?

Log cabin maintenance is no more arduous than conventional house maintenance. But log houses have a couple of issues that need to be addressed differently than a stick-framed house. Depending on where you live, you are more likely to face certain log house maintenance issues than others. The Forest Service notes that wood decomposes faster in the southeast and northwest coast than elsewhere due to high rainfall and hot, humid weather.

But all log houses finally show signs of the elements and age. Log cabin rot is a common problem in log houses and is most often due to fungi. Timber-destroying fungi survive from air, water and food. It is not possible to eliminate air and they feed on wood in our homes, so the only factor that can be controlled is water.

Keeping moisture out of the wood can help prevent log rot. Promoting airflow through your log cabin is important, as it can also prevent mold and mold problems. Borate preservatives can be applied to wood before staining it to prevent insect infestation. Anti-mold can be added to stain or sealant to prevent mold in high humidity areas.

If you spot any faulty downpouring, mark those spots and remove them with a knife or razor blade so that the area can dry out before starting again with the backup bar in the log house and grinding synthetic logs. Having started my log career working for log house companies, I have seen firsthand the dishonest sales talks of some in the industry. You can apply this type of putty or sealant, which comes in a range of colors, around door and window openings, says Log Home Store. The main factors to remember when designing a log cabin are site-specific conditions such as location, weather conditions, exposure to natural elements, the amount of snow or rain the area receives annually, the materials most suitable for the given conditions; and how to use the lines of the roof and overhangs to better protect the outer trunk material.

It will tend to break, twist and move less over time, and since it's really a small percentage more in the total turnkey cost of a home to invest in higher-quality logs and timber, it makes sense. One way to remove stains and restore wood to its natural color is with a product such as Wood ReNew, a biodegradable percarbonate-based cleaner, after washing logs. Maintenance-free steel log cladding gives homes the look and feel of a log house, without the maintenance or costs. While all homes need maintenance, log house maintenance goes beyond what you might find when looking after a house in the city or suburbs.

Nobody likes to think of spiders lurking in their log walls, but the truth is that spiders are often attracted by the cold shade and hiding places provided by logs. Many Americans have a romantic love for log cabins, but the associated costs make log cabins difficult to own. However, the amount of maintenance your log house will need depends on factors such as the location, design, and finish of your home. Keep plants and shrubs at least 18 inches away from log walls to ensure good air circulation, Bell says.

But regardless of the wood species, the most important thing you can do to better ensure the longevity of any wood used in your home, regardless of the species, is to treat and maintain the wood properly. A log house will need a wood stain and top coat, but the frequency depends on where you live and the wear and tear. Because any termite infestation in a log house is easy to detect, they can be controlled with spot treatments from an exterminator. .

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