Are log homes more expensive than regular homes?

Log houses generally cost between 20 and 30 percent more than a conventionally built house. The log house of the same size is usually worth 30 to 40 percent more than a conventional house.

Log houses

sell much faster than regular houses. Log houses are a little different in this regard.

First, the building material itself, logs, tends to be more expensive upfront than wood. This is because logs need to be carefully selected according to their grade, size and shape, while wood can hide many visual defects, as it will cover them with siding inside and out. Untreated logs placed in slabs on soil foundations are highly susceptible to decay without proper slab design and maintenance. As mentioned above, a complete scribe log house is the most expensive of the designs to build and can also be the most expensive in terms of costs.

finishing. Another important reason is that, more often than not, the cheaper the package of logs or timber, the more work on site will be done. A log house should be designed and built to avoid accumulation of rain and moisture in the ground and excessive shrinkage. Log houses without conventional roof systems may not have enough attic space to allow for proper insulation.

Once you have found the area in which you want to build and start thinking about plots of land, you should also consider how suitable a piece of land is for your log cabin. Learn more about the members of the Log & Timber House Council and why you should consider them for your dream log or timber house. However, it is becoming apparent that properly constructed log houses are certainly the same as conventionally built houses, even when conventional houses have polyethylene film barriers to reduce air turnover rates. These are just a few things you can do to give your home a cabin feel without building a log cabin.

If you really want a timber frame and log home, you'll likely have to spend more than you think on a conventionally built home to get a kind of “equal value. It is recommended that you multiply the price of a log cabin kit by 2.6 to calculate the total cost of your cabin. Using conventional construction techniques, and then doing additional things to create the same personal value, raises the cost to the same level as a log or timber structure. This has little to do with the cost of building it, but it has more to do with the ongoing cost of maintaining it than a stick-built house will not have.

CCA pressure-treated logs can be finished after having stood for 6 months in an exposed location or 1 year in a protected location, such as under a covered porch. If you decide to leave the interior showing natural logs as well, rather than finishing them in other ways, you can often keep costs even lower.

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