What kind of maintenance do log homes need?

Download the inspection checklist in PDF here. In recent years, we have discovered a lot about cleaning wood and existing finishes. First of all, chlorine bleach is not a good product to use. In addition to its potential to damage the finish and bare wood fibers, its use and misuse contributes to a number of problems including loss of film adhesion, discolorations due to tannin extraction and the formation of iron tannates, streaks, stains and premature failure of the finishing system.

We have also discovered that several wood and deck cleaners available at paint and hardware stores, home improvement centers and do-it-yourself retail outlets contain components that interfere with the proper performance of our finishing systems. On a phone? Send LOGEXPERT to 22828. A little prevention goes a long way. Performing an annual inspection of your log cabin and following a regular maintenance routine will keep your home looking the way it did when it was first finished. It is also necessary to maintain the integrity of the registry structure.

Taking steps such as washing your house, re-staining and grinding, and fixing minor problems that arise can prevent major headaches in the long term. However, the amount of maintenance your log house will need depends on factors such as the location, design, and finish of your home. Drop the final hose into the cab and allow it to dry for three to four days before performing any other maintenance. If you spot any faulty downpouring, mark those spots and remove them with a knife or razor blade so that the area can dry out before starting again with the backup bar in the log house and grinding synthetic logs.

Your best bet is to find a log home goods store or browse Log Home Living's directory of companies specializing in stains and other maintenance treatments. You should at least use a downspout splash block that prevents water from splashing back onto the logs. Fall Cab Maintenance Guide Fall cab maintenance is a necessary task, so do it right to preserve your investment. To find out which product is right for your home and how to prepare the surface for application, contact your local dealer or contact log house specialists.

Regular maintenance of your log cabin reduces damage caused by UV rays, water, insects and air infiltration. Low prices and convenience make it tempting to buy stains from a home improvement store, but there could be an invisible cost. Large overhangs and porches can also help, but staining is still required to keep logs in perfect condition. For me, it seems to be in good condition, but I fear that one day the logs will start to rot even with proper annual maintenance.

One way to remove stains and restore wood to its natural color is with a product such as Wood ReNew, a biodegradable percarbonate-based cleaner, after washing logs. Depending on where you live, you're more likely to face certain log house maintenance issues than others.

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