Is it hard to maintain a log home?

All homes require some exterior care and maintenance, but log houses require a little more than usual. Once a year, the outside of the house should be washed to remove pollen, insect debris and other dirt. At that time, the home should be checked for mold and mildew, which should be removed if present. Maintaining a log house should be a biannual activity, specifically during the spring and fall.

Regular maintenance of your log cabin reduces damage caused by UV rays, water, insects and air infiltration. Sticking to a regular maintenance schedule is much more effective and economical than irregular repairs and repairs. The natural beauty of log houses attracts many of us to build one, but they also require more maintenance than a typical home. When you know what's needed, there are ways to minimize maintenance.

Regular use of a pressure washer will cause long-term damage to your logs by forcing water through the logs into your home and causing the logs to swell. The house has a covered porch that surrounds three sides, which is great for logs, and two front dormers and a large attic in the back. While all homes need maintenance, log house maintenance goes beyond what you might find when looking after a house in the city or suburbs. We say that Sashco makes the best log house dyes on the market to see and buy your different options.

However, if you want to trust us, our log home contractors can perform the repairs and maintenance you need. I know that painting the logs is generally a bad idea, however, it seems to be holding on and without rotten logs. Cracks, also called checks, are a natural feature of logs and there is nothing to worry about, unless they are at the top of an outer log where rain, snow and dirt can accumulate. In addition, Sashco putties adhere to the surface of the log, creating a beautiful and durable finish.

If this were not a log house, the answer is quite simple: paint all the walls and ceilings with a sealing primer, and then finish painting. Recommend Weatherall UV Guard Premium; Saschco Conceal, Log Builder or Through the Roof; or PermaThink Energy Seal or Woodsman. Longhorn beetles, woodpeckers, and termites love log houses, but bed bugs, flies, borers, spiders, squirrels, squirrels, and even woodpeckers can also leave their mark.

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