Are log homes a good investment?

Or, at least, most of the time it tends to. Another advantage of log homes is that if you opt for a property that is made of half logs, it can be incredibly easy to insulate. An investment in a log house meets all of these requirements and should increase in value when properly and regularly maintained. If any part of a home is neglected and shows deterioration, it will lose value even in a seller's market.

Your log home builder or building materials supplier will teach you how to keep a log house looking like new. In addition, you can plan your unique design, so that your log cabin reflects your personal style and taste. So, choose a leading and respected manufacturer and get your residential log cabin now without having to worry about how right your decision is or going broke. While kit dealers are happy to accommodate your custom log house designs in the planning phase, as soon as the logs are cut, your choice is final.

Unfortunately, in many cases, when it comes to buying an old log home, the house inevitably has to be torn down and rebuilt. Sure, it will be necessary to reassemble, but that's nothing compared to building an entire house from scratch. So it's no surprise that log homes have an impressive following of builders, designers, and new homeowners looking to invest in a quality home. Finally, since many log houses are vacation properties, care must also be taken to avoid prolonged vacancy periods.

An eco-friendly log cabin not only consumes very little energy and produces carbon monoxide, but it also offers a natural, healthy and welcoming living environment. Considering all the challenges involved in putting together a log house project, it's no surprise that some kits are never finished or that they take years to complete. Log ends are particularly prone to rotting and those open cracks and crevices can cause a lot of damage. Decorating can be difficult on interior walls, because the paintings don't hang anywhere you want in these old log houses.

Water enters through the open cracks at the ends of the log and travels through the center of the log and into the house through the cleft. As mentioned, the most important concerns for log houses usually involve moisture, so preventive maintenance forms a big part of maintaining a log house.

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