What is the maintenance on a log house?

By log house maintenance, we refer to the general maintenance required to ensure that there is adequate protection against moisture, harmful UV radiation, air infiltration, and insect and rodent intrusion. Download the inspection checklist in PDF here. In recent years, we have discovered a lot about cleaning wood and existing finishes. First of all, chlorine bleach is not a good product to use.

In addition to its potential to damage the finish and bare wood fibers, its use and misuse contributes to a number of problems including loss of film adhesion, discolorations due to tannin extraction and the formation of iron tannates, streaks, stains and premature failure of the finishing system. We have also discovered that several wood and deck cleaners available at paint and hardware stores, home improvement centers and do-it-yourself retail outlets contain components that interfere with the proper performance of our finishing systems. On a phone? Send LOGEXPERT to 22828. Whatever you do, never use a pressure washer on log cabin walls. Almost all cabins are made of soft wood.

It is very easy to damage the surface of the wood or accidentally drive water between the logs. Scrubbing with a soft brush and water from a garden hose cleans better than a pressure washer and is much safer for wood. A log house will need a wood stain and top coat, but the frequency depends on where you live and the wear and tear. You can apply this type of putty or sealant, which comes in a range of colors, around door and window openings, says Log Home Store.

However, modern chinking is acrylic-based and is more durable, these experts say, because it expands and contracts as logs or timbers move, but still adhere firmly. Remember that oil and water don't mix, so if you already have an oil-based stain on your logs, you should stick with an oil-based product. For me, it seems to be in good condition, but I fear that one day the logs will start to rot even with proper annual maintenance. If you haven't washed your cabin recently, another quick check is to spray some water on the logs.

The main function of a log house stain is to repel moisture from wood and protect the surface from the sun's harmful UV rays. We say that Sashco makes the best log house dyes on the market to see and buy your different options. In addition, Sashco putties adhere to the surface of the log, creating a beautiful and durable finish. Termites love wood, but with a log house it's easier to spot them, since they're not hidden in a wall cavity.

If this seems to take too long, you may want to hire a service that manages the maintenance of your home. However, if you want to trust us, our log home contractors can perform the repairs and maintenance you need.

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