Are log homes hard to take care of?

All homes require some exterior care and maintenance, but log houses require a little more than usual. Once a year, the outside of the house should be washed to remove pollen, insect debris and other dirt. At that time, the home should be checked for mold and mildew, which should be removed if present. Maintaining a log house should be a biannual activity, specifically during the spring and fall.

Regular maintenance of your log cabin reduces damage caused by UV rays, water, insects and air infiltration. Rain, snow, damp, and damp locations cause moisture damage. Wood and moisture are not friends. Moisture can cause log rot, water spots, mildew, and mold.

Moisture is one of the fastest destroyers of log houses and one of the easiest to prevent. Log cabin maintenance is no more arduous than maintaining a conventional house. But log houses have a couple of issues that need to be addressed differently than a stick-framed house. Murdock suggests installing a gravel path around your log house approximately 24 to 36 inches wide to provide a corridor.

Log cabin maintenance is a task that most people don't enjoy, but it's a necessary part of owning your log home. You should at least use a downspout splash block that prevents water from splashing back onto the logs. Cracks, also called checks, are a natural feature of logs and there is nothing to worry about, unless they are at the top of an outer log where rain, snow and dirt can accumulate. Log houses are true works of art and if you're like most buyers, builders or dreamers of log houses, you'll want to protect them and protect your wallet.

The type of paint you choose will depend on the final finish you want and whether you want to maintain the typical look of logs or change the color. While log cabin maintenance may depend on site location, design prudence, maintenance, and environmental factors; one thing is certain, routine log house maintenance is an often neglected step to ensure the longevity of your home. In addition, Sashco putties adhere to the surface of the log, creating a beautiful and durable finish. The remaining cured cement film can be removed with a solvent, such as alcohol vinegar, which dissolves calcium from lime, but does not mark the logs.

The house has a covered porch that surrounds three sides, which is great for logs, and two front dormers and a large attic in the back. However, if you want to trust us, our log home contractors can perform the repairs and maintenance you need. Look closely and critically at areas where water may be a problem, such as around doors and windows, dormer connections, roof joints, chimney corner flashings, and logs at the ends of your log cabin. You can solve the problem by not covering them in the first place, keeping the vegetation cut off from your walls and, if necessary, using treatments for spiders such as Miss Muffle's Revenge sprayed on the logs.

Depending on where you live, you're more likely to face certain log house maintenance issues than others.

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