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How Log Homes Are Built

Building a log home is a unique experience. You can be creative and have control over the entire process.

Do log cabins need maintenance?

Maintaining a log house should be a biannual activity, specifically during the spring and fall. Regular maintenance of...

Are log homes expensive to maintain?

Log cabin maintenance is no more arduous than conventional house maintenance. But log houses have a couple of issues that ...

What are the pros and cons of owning a log home?

According to an article in Blue Ridge Country magazine, log homes often require a lot more maintenance than people think. ...

How long do log homes last?

Log cabins have a long and illustrious history of longevity. They usually last between twenty, thirty and even fifty...

Can you build a cabin yourself?

The addition of heating and cooling, plumbing and electrical systems, and increased architectural complexity, which...


Can you build a cabin by yourself?

Can you build a cabin by yourself?

What are the problems with log cabins?
Are log homes high maintenance?

Are log homes high maintenance?

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